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Westvleteren 12- The Extraordinary And Exclusive Beer

Westvleteren 12- The Extraordinary And Exclusive Beer

Westvleteren 12 is the heaviest of all beers. It is extraordinary because it is a quadrupel style beer and is easily recognisable by the yellow cap. It is one of the highest rated beers in our review section. Visit us to know more.


Westvleteren 12 is a renowned Belgian trappist beer that is brewed in the Westvleteren Abbey brewery. This beer got major recognition by getting multiple medals and awards. Its exclusive character is the reason for its popularity. Moreover, Ratebeer Portal has given this beer the best score of 100/100. It is consistently securing its place in the top 10 beers of the world. So, it is best to consider it as a Treasure of Belgium as it has won the 'best beer in the world' title.

The Beer

Westvleteren 12 is also called Westvleteren Abt, does not have any label. The Trappist Beer can be noticed from the neck of the bottle, and the yellow cap makes it different from the other beers. The production of this beer was enough to handle all the expenses of the monastery. Westvleteren is a quadrupel style trappist beer with 10% alcohol content by volume. It has a mahogany color with a complex aroma of ripe fruits and brown reflections with spicy notes.


 It is robust and slightly sweet with flavours of spices, raisins, and fruits.

It is one of the prestigious and heaviest beers manufactured by the monks of Westvleteren.

The beer which is available now is not the product which was made earlier. Back then, that beer only contained 2% of alcohol. In fact, it was a different beer than the available beer these days.

Tastes, Characters & Aromas

Westvleteren 12 has a very creamy, full, and smooth round-bodied aroma with moderate to good carbonation. It owns a good malt flavour, and it is a very sincere and lush beer. You can experience the notes of dried raisins, figs, caramel sweetness, some licorice, leather, tobacco, and alcohol.


It has an exceptionally complex and balanced taste that ends or lasts with a dry finish. It provides a unique taste to the person who drinks it. It contains around 10.2% alcohol by volume. The main ingredients of this amazing beer is sugar, candy syrup, hops, yeast, barley malt, and water.

Food Pairings

It is worth pairing Westvleteren 12 with cheese known as Trappists de Belval. It is a kind of traditional French Trappist manufactured by the female monks who belong to the Sint-Sixtus monastery. It is a special cheese as it gets refined and treated with Westvleteren beer. It sets new and true taste goals for the gastro-oriented fans of Westy.


Additionally, you can find a variety of products that are produced with Westvleteren, such as desserts and truffles. However, the Westvleteren 12 is one of the most versatile beers for cooking. It is just the fact that anything which has a mark of Westvleteren easily sells in the market. You can notice that in a large array of top restaurants, the chefs use this beer in one of their dishes.

Storage and Keeping

Trappist Westvleteren 12 needs optimized conditions for ageing and storage. Moreover, it can be kept for decades without any doubt. This depends on the individual's personal taste as some people consider Westvleteren 12's best taste in two to five years. It is a must-have trappist Westvleteren beer to fulfil your exclusive beer collection. The taste of this amazing ale changes with time as it develops more wine-like characteristics with its enhanced age.

Some of the variants of this beer become more complex and stronger with time. A Westvleteren 12, which is aged for ten years, can retain the same taste and aromas.


On the other hand, the bitterness completely fades along with the carbonization. Instead, the sweetness gets more noticeable and retains for a longer time. It becomes somewhat thicker and port-like, richer, and much browner beer.

Packaging and Availability of Westvleteren 12

When it comes to the exclusive beers of the world, Westvleteren always stands out among others. Even the serving glasses for this beer are unique. It means patience is required to buy or order a crate straight from the Sint-Sixtus Abbey. 


This beer can only be ordered by phone since 2006 at fixed dates and times. The advertisement of this beer gets published on the site of Sint-Sixtus along with the number of cases and type of beer. The most challenging thing while ordering this beer is that only a single line is available. The monks hardly deliver beer to 1 or 2% of the callers.


The sale is officially made via the monastery or at the visitors centre. In the centre, you can taste the trappist beer, or you can even purchase a Cerveza Westvleteren 12 pack along with other variants. When your order gets placed, you may be allowed to pick up to three wooden cases containing 24 bottles each. The quantity and type of beer you get may also depend on the availability. It is not necessary that you definitely get the Westvleteren 12. The other major thing about these lambic beers is that you can not resell your order.

Other Variants of Westvleteren Beers

1.Westvleteren Blond: This beer is one of the lightest beers of the

Sint-Sixtus abbey. When this beer is confined to its bottle, it can only be recognized by removing the green topping.


It features a gold colour with a banana light and haze. Westvleteren Beer contains a perfect balance of hoppiness and sweetness. This beer should be drunk at the temperature of around 6⁰C. Its low alcohol content makes it a lasting and well-graced beer along with a creamy mix of heavenly hops.


  1. Westvleteren 8: It is less known and little brother of Westvleteren 12. Sadly, it is comparatively less appreciated than other variants. It can be recognized by its blue bottle cap. It is one of the less popular varieties of beer produced by the Sint-Sixtus monastery.

This beer is best to serve at a warm room temperature.

Wrapping it up

Westvleteren 12 is among the best and reputed beers in the world. It is worth investing in these beers. Their rarity is an addition to the luster of this beer. If you are a man and want to experience the entire range, then you have to visit a monastery. It has a unique and innovative taste, so one should try atleast once in his life.

Sacha Pirnay
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The Origin of Tilquin Beer

The Origin of Tilquin Beer

Did you know that earlier the beers used to be sour? If not, then read this article ‘The Origin of Tilquin Beer’. Here we have explained how we have been spontaneously developing fermented beers in Belgium. To know more about us, visit our website.


Tilquin beer is a new Geuzeries addition to Pajottenland. The director Tilquin has mastered the brewing science. But he was not a producer but a blender. The fresh wort is bought from the different producers and kept in oak barrels to make them age for various years and months. After that, the lambics are blended to produce the amazing Tilquin beers.


If we talk about the Tilquin guezerable, then it is a type of lambic which self ferments and becomes a wild-fermented and sour Belgian beer. Tilquin oude gueuze is a perfect blend of a new and old lambic that undergoes second fermentation inside the bottle.


The Tilquin guezerable started its operations back in February 2009. It was the time when a young geuze producer came to Brabant. The first gueuze blendery of Wallonia was the Tilquin Gueuzerie. This company was located 200 m from the border in Bierghes. This company is owned by Pierre Tilquin. Pierre was PhD holder in statistical genetics and was a bio-engineer.


He then started a brewing science course and then mastered it. This is how the Tilquin came into existence. The initial contact with wild yeast is the key to define the style of Tilquin beer. In some cases, the whole process occurs within the boundaries of a single enterprise. But in some others, where custom old wort is already infected with wild yeast to enhance the blending and maturation businesses. In these cases, the resulting beers have their own features, which become different from the brewer’s own versions.

Tilquin Beer Versions

Some of the Tilquin beer versions are listed below:

Gueuze Tilquin à l’ancienne

This amazing Tilquin beer contains around 7% alcohol content. It is a spontaneous beer that is created by mixing one, two, and three years old lambics. Oude gueuze Tilquin is unpasteurized and unfiltered, and it gets refermented in the bottle for around six months. It is produced by using the ingredients such as wheat malt, barley malt, yeast, hops and water.


The alcohol content available in this gueuze Tilquin is around 6% by volume. If we talk about the food pairings, it goes well with strong cheese, sea food, and sour dishes. Moreover, it can act as an aperitif, and it is golden in color with an aroma of dried fruits, herbs, and apples. It features an intensive and complex ripe fruit taste with hints of sour and dryness.


The lambics used are matured and fermented already in the oak barrels. These lambics are made from the worts brewed by the Girardunm, Lindemans, Boon, and Cantillon. It features a dry and tart taste but with a specific roundness. It makes the fans happy who love the sweet complexity of this variant. But it also features bitterness with a hint of lemons due to the usage of young oak barrels as they release tannins.

Quetsche Tilquin à l’ancienne

This version of Tilquin beer is an impulsive fermentation beer that is produced from the fermentation of fresh purple plums. It contains around 6.4% of alcohol by volume. It is formed with a perfect blending of one, two, and three years old lambic for four months. It experiences the re-fermentation in the bottle for around three months and is unpasteurized and unfiltered. It has a fruity and round taste with a little hint of tart. This is the reason which makes it accessible for non-experts. It has an aroma of plum brandy perfume. Also, it has a slight dryness from the plums’ skin.

Gueuze Tilquin - Draft Version

It is a perfect fermented beer that is made with a blend of Meerts with one and two years old lambics, which are fermented in oak barrels. It gets refermented in the Keykegs or in steel kegs for around three months and is unpasteurized and unfiltered. It has a dry, tart, and refreshing taste. The nose is lemony and fresh. It has a neutral gold color with hints of light hazes.


It features a small head with some thicker streaks. It provides a smooth experience with sufficient carbonation to protect the flavor from becoming more cloy. It is expected to be sour with a hint of sweetness as it has tart with a sweet berry background. It is an ideal variant of beer to experience in the summers and find the impulsive fermentation.

Tilquin Oude Mûre à l’Ancienne

Mure Tilquin is produced by mixing one, two, and three years old lambic along with 260 gr blackberries by the litre. It contains 6.0% alcohol content by volume. It features the aromas of musty oak, Blackberry, tannic berries, and Belgian funk. It has a finishing dry, and Mure Tilquin has the taste of musty oak, dry red wine, currants, blackberry juice, Belgian yeast, etc. Everyone should give this version a try once in their life to experience the amazing taste.

Oude Pinot Noir Tilquin à l'Ancienne

Oude Pinot Noir Tilquin is made with a blend of one, two, and three years old lambic with the addition of Pinot Noir grapes. This beer is available in 75cl bottles and contains 7.7% alcohol content by volume. The main ingredients used to produce oude pinot noir Tilquin are barley malt, grapes, water, hops, and yeast. The one who tries will have an exceptional taste experience. It has a balanced and complex fruity taste. Oude Pinot Noir Tilquin is characterized by the aromas of grapes. It tastes just like wine, and light tannins are responsible for the dry acidity.

Final Words

The best thing about Tilquin beer is its versatility. It can pair well with onion crisps and cheese. It is fancy, complex, and sparkling enough to be a beer for celebration. A big thanks to its subtleness and the convenient half bottle format. There is no need for a special occasion to enjoy this amazing beer.


Everyone should try a geuze once in their life, and it is a great option to start. If you already love cider or natural wine, then you can opt for fermented beer. If you need to enhance your taste, then you must go for Tilquin beer.

Sacha Pirnay
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A Perfect Guide To The Belgian Beer Styles

A Perfect Guide To The Belgian Beer Styles

If you are a beer enthusiast, then you will fall in love with the superior taste that only comes with us. Our beer product ensures that you get one of the world’s finest luxury beers. For more information, read the article.


Belgium is one of the most creative producers of beer in the world. There is no other country that offers a wide variety of beers. From Farmhouse ales, complex Lambics to simple Witbiers, Belgian Beers are ruling the world.


Belgian Beers are not just available in vast quantities but also have large diversity, vast quality and cultural importance. The beer, which got its name from the country, seems to have an interesting history and character independent of any other ales available in the neighbourhood.


To know about the Belgian beer in detail, let's know about its history first:

History of the Belgian Beer

Beer production in Belgium started back in the twelfth century. At that time, brewing was the affairs of monks as they settled the facilities in their own abbeys for their sustenance. They were free to use any ingredient or experiment with any fermentation technique as per their choice.


Belgian beer was normally made with a herbal mixture called gruit or Dutch beer during the middle ages. However, there were certain monasteries that were exempt from buying the gruit. Rather than some of the monks discovered that hops provide more quality as compared to the gruit. With time, the brewers of east Belgium started to use hops and brewers of west Belgium worked on acidification to enhance the shelf life. As a result, now Belgian beer is available in a number of tastes and styles that don't match with any other.


Belgium stands out among the beer-producing nations when it comes to Fermentation. It uses the below-mentioned technique for brewing beer: 


  • Cool Fermentation (for larger production)
  • Mixed Fermentation (used for Flanders red ale)
  • Warm Fermentation (used for Trappist ales)
  • Spontaneous Fermentation (used for producing lambic beers)

Belgian Beer Styles

The Belgian beer is intensely local, traditional, full of flavor, and it will traverse your taste buds. Either it's the Wallonian Saisons or Flemish lambics, it will make you experience a new taste. There is no other country that produces a large variety of Belgian style beers and uses different fermentation types as Belgium.


Here's a glimpse of the Belgian style beers that dictates the country's brewing powerhouse:


Perhaps, Belgium is the home of the most wonderful and weirdest of beer styles, and Geuze is one of them. Geuze is produced on a lambic base. Lambic Beer is different from other beers as its Fermentation does not take place in a closed container. Instead of this, this lambic beer ferments in the open by reacting with airborne yeast produced in the Pajottenland area.


It is a specific type of lambic beer, which consists of a perfect blend of old lambic and young lambic. The mixture of these two encourages a secondary fermentation which leads to a wild taste. This bubbly beer has a quality similar to champagnes, with a perfect balance between a dry finish and tart fruit. Each and every brewery of Belgium manufactures their own Belgian beer glass to serve this amazing ale.


Some of the famous gueuze beers involves:

  • Cuvée Saint-Gilloise by Cantillon
  • Oude Gueuze à l’Ancienne by Gueuzerie Tilquin
  • Oude Geuze by Geuzestekerij De Cam
  • Oude Geuze by 3 Fonteinen



Trappist Beer is among the popular high fermentation beers. Around six Trappist breweries are situated in Belgium. There are some particular regulations for the breweries to use a Trappist name for the beers. The interesting fact about Trappist Beer is that its brewing must be done under the supervision of the monks' community.


The bottle of Authentic Trappist beer features an 'Authentic Trappist Product' logo which ensures that it was brewed within the boundaries of the Cistercian abbey. Trappist beer generally contains high amounts of alcohol and has rich aromas. Herbs are also added to provide the characteristic taste to this beer. Mostly you will find Trappist beer in a tripel, Dubbel, and blond varieties.


All variants of Trappist beer are signs of origin and have differences when it comes to taste, aroma, colour, and alcohol content.


Saison Beers are among the Best Belgian beer styles and are quite heavy, sparkly, and orange in colour. It features a beautiful froth collar due to its refermentation in the bottle. These beers have a little fruity aroma. It contains around 5% to 6.5% alcohol content and has a golden colour which makes this beer style recognizable.


Moreover, it has a wild yeast element that makes these beers sour. Hard mineral water is used to enhance the hoppy character. The main fermentation process takes place in a warm room by adding more hops.

The Fermentation, which takes place inside the bottle, provides these beers with an exciting and refreshing taste.

Belgian Fruit Beer

The traditional Belgian fruit beer is produced with sour morello cherries. Kricken beer has all the features of an Oude geuze, which complements the beer with an aromatic and fruity taste.  Belgian fruit beers are the ones that can't be beaten by other varieties. It has a large number of variants which includes peach beer, strawberry beer, raspberry beer, and some other fancy fruit concoctions. Each variant of Belgian fruit beer has exploded with the flavors that you should not miss.


Besides these, there are some other Belgian beer styles which are listed below:

  • Amber
  • Lambic
  • Oud Bruin
  • Pils/ Pilsener
  • Red Beers
  • Strong Blond
  • Wheat beer, and more

Belgian Beer Brands

Some of the popular Belgian beer brands that are loved by everyone are as follows:


  1. Westmalle Trappist tripel
  2. La Chouffe blond ale
  3. Liefmans kriek brut
  4. Duvel tripel hop citra
  5. Kazematten the wipers times blond ale

Final Words

If you want to enjoy the perfect authentic taste of beer, then you must try the whole range of Belgian beer. Belgian beer has a huge range which includes Belgian wheat beers, Belgian fruit beers, and so on. No matter what is your taste, you will find a flavour as per your choice. You can pick your own favorite from the entire range of Belgian beers. Shop yours and enjoy!

Sacha Pirnay
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The Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium

The Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium

Grimbergen has remained one of the most delicious and refreshing abbey Grimbergen Belgium Beer for more than 200 years and is planned to be brewed again in the abbey north premises of Brussels, Belgium. A total of 15 monks from Grimbergen Abbey, along with other brewing groups like Carlsberg and Alken-Maes (Heineken), are involved in the relaunch of this activity in Grimbergen Belgium.


Inspired by the forefathers of Grimbergen abbey brewery, the brewers have a large variety of voyages of unique discovery. We are in constant search for the best hopes to make the brews shine bright and maintain the reputation of Grimbergen Belgium Beer all across the world.


Interestingly, a microbrewery has already started the production of 10,000 hectoliters of Grimbergen Beer UK annually. This Bière Grimbergen brewery will be a major innovation hub that will combine various Grimbergen Belgium Beer brewing traditions originating from the library of ancient books. These will include unique limited-edition crafting and innovative techniques batches of exceptional Double Ambree Grimbergen.


The monks would be directly involved in Grimbergen Beer UK production. Until now, every time there was a launch of new Grimbergen Beer, they used to consult the community for the design and taste, but with the introduction of new Grimbergen Belgium beer microbrewery, they are going further into brewing methods.



The Grimbergen Belgium Beer abbey didn’t have its own brand as it was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1978. It was burned twice and ransacked by the French troops that ended the tradition of beers from the 12th century. However, Carlsberg & Heineken came together in 2008 and became a Dutch subsidiary to continue the production of Bière Grimbergen.


The Grimbergen abbey was discovered nearly 900 years ago, but as you already know, the abbey was forced to abandon after the French Revolution happened. The new Grimbergen abbey reopened on 27th May after partnering with the Carlsberg & Heineken group in the capital of Belgium, Brussels.


The Grimbergen Blonde brewer master ‘Marc Antoine Sochon’ says that they are setting up a standard for the Grimbergen Belgium beers worldwide. Their new Grimbergen Belgium Beer brewery allows them to make multiple batches of premium and delicious beers that are inspired by both old and new brewing techniques. This allows them to create a brand new sensory experience for the Double Ambree Grimbergen beers.


He also says that these new brew lineups like Grimbergen Beer Canada, Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree, and Grimbergen Blonde will provide the consumers with Grimbergen Beer and few others with a whole new experience of new tastes and flavours. It can only be experienced only in the Grimbergen Abbey and its surroundings.


Special Grimbergen Belgium Beer

After the launch of the Grimbergen Belgium Beer and receiving its official global license, the CEO of Carlsberg Group, Cees’t Hart, says that the new Grimbergen Beer UK beer products are a treat and a beginning for Grimbergen next chapter. This will give you a whole new experience that they believe will take the Grimbergen Belgian beer to the next level.


Bière Grimbergen is the start of a new beginning, and the growing portfolio of beer brewing specialty and crafting keeps progressing with constant double-digit growth in the respective category. The new Grimbergen Beer UK abbey brewery is an essential step taken by the Grimbergen group to continue developing the special Grimbergen Belgium Beer to fulfill the global demand.


Grimbergen believes that this beautiful Grimbergen Beer UK abbey brewery will take the drinkers and general public worldwide on an incredible and blissful journey of flavours and authentic discovery.


Here are the types of Grimbergen Belgium Beer :


  • Grimbergen Blonde: These are top-fermented beers that are characterized by sweet and fruity caramel and a wide variety of flavours. It has Golden-yellow, yellow plum notes, cloudy, medium hopped, full-bodied, grainy notes, light herb notes, honey malt notes, and ripe apricot. Its main ingredients are barley and wheat. However, the taste is dependent on the type of beer, delicate or strong, hoppiness, and flowers or grapefruits.
  • Tips For Use: Grimbergen Blonde has a wide variety of beer styles containing all fruity flavours. Therefore you must try it with blue cheese, Thai chicken curry, and garlic lamb chops.
  • How To Serve: Grimbergen Blonde is best served with 10-14°C chilled. It takes about 1 hour to get the bottle chilled from the fridge and then bring it to the mentioned temperature.


  • Double Ambree Grimbergen: Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree are the same as the Grimbergen Blonde beer UK, but their main ingredients are Golden brown, plum notes, medium-bodied, orangey, toffee notes, plum notes, amber, and mildly hopped. It contains around 6.5% alcohol with 50 Kcal/100ml. Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree is a filtered dark beer with a little bittersweet taste. Its aroma has base notes of chocolates, dry fruit, burnt sugar, and raisins. It is a strong beer with rich flavours of roasted malts that goes well with meat dishes.


There are few things that are worth mentioning before we head further into the topic. Any allergens that possibly contain in these Grimbergen Blonde or Double Ambree Grimbergen/Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree are clearly mentioned by the brewer manufacturer on the label. Grimbergen holds responsibility for any quality or composition of its product during consumption. They also ensure that the products and the labels, and their promotional elements are in proper accordance with relative regulations and provisions.


Wrapping It Up:

Now that Grimbergen is back in the abbey brewing business, Grimbergen Beer Canada also aims to combine the ancient techniques mentioned in Abbey’s library books. With modern innovative technologies for producing premium edition crafted Grimbergen Beer Canada, consumers will get to experience something new that they have never tasted before.


With centuries of experience and a wealthy history that the abbey’s library books contain, the CEO of  Grimbergen Beer Canada Cees’t Hart is confident that their upcoming projects are promising and will be a huge success. He believes that the beautiful Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium will take the drinking enthusiasts to a whole new world with an incredible journey of wide varieties of flavour discovery.

Sacha Pirnay
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What does Leffe contain?

What does Leffe contain?

Leffe is a respected and authentic Abbey beer brand that originated in Belgian. Leffe provides various beers, each of which has a unique quality, flavors, and styles. Among all of them, there are only two, ie. Leffe blonde and Leffe brown stand out in terms of historical significance and popularity. Leffe Brown is still considered a traditional style ale. On the other hand, Leffe Blond is the modern approach with a twist of its traditional formula.

Leffe Brown was famous for its deep brown color, and Leffe Blonde can be defined as the ale which streams honey gold.


The Leffe beer family is full-bodied and rich in taste. It is manufactured from premium quality ingredients. They offer a recipe for fancy moments of life that beads to be savoured for the future. The best thing is that Leffe's distinctive heritage is now enjoyed by customers in around 70 countries worldwide. This brand offers Leffe in four different varieties, which includes Brown, Blonde, Vielle, and Radieuse.

Leffe Beer Ingredients

Leffe Blonde is golden in color and has a subtle taste with age-old expertise. It is a perfect blend of the hop, water, pale malt, and yeast which is responsible for the reflection of light. If we talk about the Leffe Brown, it contains a number of ingredients like maize, malt, barley, water, hops, and sugar.


As per the BJCP guidelines, The Leffe Blonde is considered one of the strongest Belgian Blonde ales. It contains around 6.6% alcohol content by volume with hints of slight spiciness, bitterness, and floral honey. Most people are fond of its light and smooth taste.


It has an aroma of clove, banana, and pepper that blends with the malt to create a smell similar to freshly baked spicy bread. Leffe Blonde is effervescent and bubbly and is setting a benchmark for its Belgian blonde flavour. This beer is sweet and short, which makes this amazing ale a dangerously easy drinker.


On the other hand, as per the style guide, it is not at all listed, but still, it is best defined as a cross among Belgian Dubbel and Belgian Dark ale. Regardless of any type of beer you choose, as per the Leffe, the best method to experience both is by using the Leffe Chalice. Leffe Chalice is a goblet-shaped class that has thick walls and a huge mouth to enhance the Belgian Ales drinking experience.

The Leffe Beer Origin

If we talk about the Leffe Beer Origin, then it is linked closely with the Abbey named Notre-Dame de Leffe. It has an exciting past that is responsible for the formation of this beer. Hence, the Leffe Beer Origin is best to explain Abbey's history.


Like other Monasteries of the middle age, it was established in Belgium in 1152. Notre-Dame de Leffe produces this amazing beer, and they brew the beer which is sold in the market nowadays also.


Just like other breweries in the middle ages, this Trappist brewery has provided two major things to the community. The first reason to prefer beer was to save the local sources of water. Another reason to consider beer for drinking was the breweries were treated as social areas for the welcome travelers and the surrounding communities.


The Leffe Beer Abbey's monks themselves define the reason to start brewing due to two reasons: one is they had a fear that water could cause illness, and second they want to provide hospitality to travellers and welcome pilgrims warmly. 

Calories count of Leffe Brune, Leffe Blonde, and Leffe Brown Beer

If we talk about the calories in Leffe Brune, then one bottle of Leffe Brune (330 ml) contains around 202 calories, 18 g carbs, 0 g fat, 1g Protein.


When it comes to Leffe Blonde calories, then there are around 200 calories in a bottle(11.2oz) of Leffe Blonde Beer. Besides this, it contains 0% protein, 0% fats, and 100% carbs.


On the other hand, Leffe Brown Calories count is around 185.

Leffe Beer Pronunciation

The monastery of Leffe is situated in the French-speaking portion of Belgium. So, Leffe Beer pronunciation in French is /lef/. Its Dutch pronunciation is /lef-ah/ as its headquarters are situated in Flanders, Belgium.

Food Pairings

Leffe Brown and Leffe Blonde are premium Belgian ales that were introduced back in the 13th century. Leffe Blonde Beer is a deep golden Abbey beer with the essence of vanilla, clove, and smoky carmel and roasted notes. It has a silky and sweet taste with a little hint of balanced bitterness.


Leffe Brown is a dark-coloured and superb Belgian brown ale with essences of dried fruits, cloves, vanilla and roasted coffee. Leffe Blonde is a comforting, rich, and full-bodied beer that can make a perfect pair with white fish such as halibut. By containing the correct malt notes, there's something wonderful and sweet about the complexity of beer that goes with a number of food options.


If we talk about the Leffe Brown, it can easily pair up with chocolate and savory desserts. It provides us with roasted toffee bitter with a dry and soothing finish. Lef


It tastes delicious with a number of dishes like:


  • Sweet and Sour Dishes
  • Red Meat
  • Creamy and Soft Cheeses like Camembert, Saint-Marcellin, Brie

Types Of Leffe Beer

If you are searching for leffe beer near me, then we provide a variety of Leffe beer as per your choice. There are the following varieties of Leffe available with us. Let's have a look:


  • Leffe Tripel: Leffe Tripel is full of character and authentic blond Abbey that gets fermented a second time in the bottle only because of yeast. It features a refined and robust flavour.


  • Leffe Rituel: It has a dark golden colour and is a highly fermented beer.


  • Leffe Radieuse: It is flavour enriched which is refined deliciously, and has an amber colour.


  • Leffe Nectar: It is an orange and honey flavoured blond beer.


  • Leffe Brown: It has a deep brown colour, and it is sweet in taste.


  • Leffe Blond: It is a traditional blond abbey beer with a little hint of sweetness and bitterness.

Final Words

Either you are buying for yourself or for your loved ones, and we have everything that you need. Check out our collection on our website to choose the suitable blond beer for you.

Sacha Pirnay
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What is the Production Process for Chimay Cinq Cents?

What is the Production Process for Chimay Cinq Cents?

These days, Chimay has become one of the largest Trappist breweries which are distributing beer around the world. Along with this, the company also produced various types of cheese to accompany the different types of beers and make a deadly combination. For reference, we can take the example like Chimay Rough, and Grand Chimay Cheese makes the perfect combination.


The Chimay Cinq Cents is one of the latest products from Chimay. This blonde beer is the best Trappist beer manufactured in the monastery of Scourment. Chimay White is completely manufactured in an authentic way. This “Authentic Trappist Product” ensures that beer is produced within the boundary of the Trappist monastery under the supervision of the monastic group.


Moreover, the interesting thing about Chimay White production is that most of the income generated is donated to charity.



With the advancement in industrialization, many new inventions and technologies have been developed and changed the techniques of producing beers. If it is asked from the monk, then they will only list two main ingredients, i.e. yeasts and water.


Thankfully, we have the technologies and machines to use for production. It will help monks to determine the right ratio and amount for the accurate bitterness and aroma. Moreover, there are various research centers and development labs where monks develop and enhance the Chimay Beers.

The Brewing Science Behind Chimay Cinq Cents


Chimay White Label was created by Theodore in 1966. Now it is named Chimay Triple. It represents a hoppy and dry character which is amplified with the fruitiness taste. On the 500th anniversary, they introduced a new variant in 75cl format, which was named Cinq Cents.

Overview of the Chimay White Specifications


Let’s know about the Chimay Cinq Cents in detail. Some of the points are listed below:


  • Ingredients: The ingredients used in its production are: Cara München malts, winter barley, water, barley malt, Chimay’s special house yeast, and Galena hops.


  • Alcohol Content: The alcohol content in Chimay Cinq Cents is 8% ABV.


  • Color: This amazing beer is golden blonde in color, along with a beautiful copper glow covered with a woven carpet of snow.


  • Serving Temperature: The ideal temperature to serve Chimay White Label is 6 to 8 degrees celsius.


  • Fermentation: Chimay Cinq Cents is a beer prepared with a high-fermentation process, and it re-ferments inside the bottle.


  • Characteristics: Chimay Beer Cinq Cents is a subtle blend of fresh yeast and hops that brings a sense of bitterness. The final product is very amazing, with hints of some floral herbs and a touch of citrus.


What type of blonde beer is Chimay White?

This Chimay White Beer releases scents of some fresh yeast and hops. Chimay White is the latest and the clearest product offered by Chimay. It has a thick white head and remains nicely on the glass rim. If we talk about the flavor of this blond beer, it is a perfect blend of hoppy bitterness with a hint of raisins and cloves.

What is the Shelf Life of Chimay Cinq Cents?

In general, after three or four years of cellaring, Chinmay White is at its highest point. The flavors of Chimay White may fade away somehow, but its aroma remains at its peak after three to four years. After three to four years, this blonde beer slowly starts to deteriorate, but it retains its quality for a long time.

Should Chimay White Beer be chilled?

It is necessary to serve Chimay White Beer at a lower temperature. The ideal temperature to serve this blond beer is 6 to 8 degrees Celsius or 43 – 46 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is served too cold, then its taste gets muted and watery.


Other Types Of Chimay Beer

There are two types of beer: lager and ale. Chimay White is one of the best Trappist beers, which comes under ale and is very fermenting. The fermentation process of Chimay White Beer takes around seven days in the monastery premises. Currently, there are four types of blond beers that are manufactured inside the boundaries of the monastery. Their names are as follows:


  • Chimay Bleue
  • Chimay Rouge
  • Chimay Doree


Each type of blond beer has its own features and history. Let’s have a look:


Chimay Rouge: Chimay Rouge is the first beer that was produced in 1862 at Chimay brewery. The ingredients used in its production are water, wheat, sugar, hops, dextrose, yeast, and barley. It has a dark copper color with a layer of off-white froth.


With an alcohol content of 7%, it is a high fermentation blond beer that automatically re-ferments inside the bottle. When it comes to flavors, it has a fruity taste with a smoky touch and a little note of licorice.


Chimay Bleue: In 1948, to celebrate Christmas, the monks of the monastery community introduced Chimay Bleue. This Christmas edition beer was produced for a long time because of its demand.


Chimay Bleue is one of the strongest beers among other Trappist beers. It is made with the combination of barley, wheat, hops, malts, and Chimays’ special and unique yeast. It has an alcohol content of 9% and is dark-brown color, ruby-red glow covered with a collar of cream-colored froth.


Chimay Doree: Chimay Doree was also part of the Christmas edition, but it was produced on a small scale. Later on, they receive an excellent response to this beer, so the monks take the decision to begin its marketing.


The ingredients used in its production are curacao, pale ale malt, underground water, and the special Chimay’s yeast for both re-fermentation and fermentation. It is golden yellow in color, having a layer of cloudy white froth. The alcohol content present in this blond beer is 4.8%.


Chimay Doree is mild in taste with a little note of smoked halt and bitterness. This refreshing beer has a hint of coriander and lemon and is complemented by the hops.

Final Words

If you are looking for a 6 pack of beer or a single bottle of beer, we have got you covered by providing you with the best range of Chimay beer. To know the details and Chimay Cinq Cents Price, contact us today.
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Where does La Chouffe come from?

Where does La Chouffe come from?

La Chouffe Beer is a refreshing and pleasantly spicy beer that leaves a sense of citrus on the palate. With its hoppy taste, this Belgium beer has won the heart of many beer lovers all around the world for many years. La Chouffe is an award-winning blonde beer due to its unique and wonderful taste.


The Chouffe Beer

This Blonde beer is recognizable for its red-hooded gnome, and it is manufactured in the Ardennes. It is a revitalizing drink that owns a peachy aftertaste with a hint of coriander. It was discovered in 1982. Not only its origin, but it also makes history with their tripel and how chouffe Cerveza brewed from the actual recipe from the Houffalize area.


La Chouffe Beer is a pure blond beer, re-brewed in the bottle along with the barrel. This blonde beer has a fruity taste with a sense of coriander with a mild hops taste. The glass of Belgian beer seems like the sun in glass due to its amazing deep golden yellow color with a dense and creamy collar of froth. Moreover, the herbal fragrance is an addition followed by the pleasant aroma of fresh and green coriander.


This perfect blend of flavors is beautifully complemented by the fruitiness of a banana and attains a flowery character. These refreshing fruity flavors ensure that you don’t feel over heavy mouth while enjoying this refreshing drink. Due to its pleasant flavors with a hint of coriander, it is also named coriander beer. The final product is peppery and herbal, and Chouffe is ready to drink.


Let’s talk about its Alcohol content and Fermentation Process

Chouffe is one of the best-selling beers and a multi-award winner, among others. La Chouffe beer alcohol content is around 8%ABV. Chouffe beer can be easily fermented in both the bottle and barrel, and it is considered high fermentation blonde beer. After its maturation and fermentation process, it is encouraged to re-ferment by adding yeast and sugar before transforming into a bottle as a final product.


What are the core ingredients of La Chouffe Blonde Beer?

La Chouffe beer is made with 100% organic ingredients. The list of ingredients include:


  • Pale Barley Malt
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Hop varieties
  • Saaz-Saaz


Besides these ingredients, coriander is an interesting addition in its preparation and is more frequently found in Belgian white beers.


Transparency & Color

The color of the La Chouffe Beer USA is golden in color with a twist of the cloudy feature. When you fill your glass with this drink, it gets covered with a collar of pearly bubbles that enhances its look and makes it more tempting. One thing to keep in mind is to pour it slowly and step by step.


Serving Tips and Ideal Temperature

All the beers are fermented in the bottle and have high yeast content. So, extra attention is required during the pouring process. It is suggested to pour it slowly to avoid sudden hindrance. The tip to enhance the taste of this amazing blond beer is to add the yeast at the serving time. The ideal temperature to serve Belgian beer la chouffe is 6 – 10 °C / 42.8 ° F – 50 °F.



Taste, Character, and Aromas

Coriander Beer has an amazing taste with a combination of fruity, malty, and herbal aromas. It is a great refreshing drink with the flowery and fruity essence of apricot with a hint of coriander, citrusy touches, and a mild hoppiness.



Big Chouffe beer can be excellently paired with salmon, asparagus, broccoli, tuna, spicy sushi, lobster, mussels, chicken fillet or fried veal, mustard sauce, chives, quail, rice, fresh coriander, roast chicken.


Some other amazing combinations can be prepared with melons of Cavaillon, unpasteurized cow’s cheeses, Beaufort Haut Alpage, and honey. You can enjoy a beer in the brewery tavern as it is best to use to create an amazing effect in the Sabayon.


Storage and Keeping

You can keep a bottle of Chouffe Beer for around 36 months, and if it is in the barrel, then it can be stored for one year. After three years of its packaging, its color and taste will start to change.


It is advisable to store the Belgian beer La chouffe in a dark and cool place. Big Chouffe beer bottles must be stored in a vertical or upside-down position to uplift the yeast for better mixing.


What is the availability of La Chouffe Beer Bottles?

Chouffe beer is mainly supplied in Belgium and around its borders. So you can easily find Belgium beer in supermarkets, cafes, and beer shops. It is available in the 6 pack of beer bottles and comes in two different bottles, i.e., 33cl and 75cl. The last mentioned is also known as Big Chouffe beer.


Some Other Variants Of Chouffe Beer:


  • Chouffe Soleil

Chouffe Soleil Beer is refreshing, delicate, and fruity. It is enriched with citrus flavors along with a hint of peppery notes and Vanilla, which stimulates our taste buds. You will experience pleasant times while having it all year round. It is made from a perfect combination of wheat, rye, and barley. This Belgium Beer makes the perfect pair with:


  • Chocolate muffin
  • Soft Cheese and crusted goat’s cheese
  • Tomato, Asparagus, Celery root, radishes, and cauliflower
  • Pink Pepper and Basil


  • Mc Chouffe

Mc Chouffe is full of character and is loved by all beer lovers all over the world. Its creamy head, dark ruby color, and distinctive flavor make it unique and stand out among the other beers. Mc chouffe is also featured for its licorice and spicy aniseed flavors complemented with the amazing caramel notes.


Despite its vigorous nature, it is also surprisingly smooth enough to drink. Along with the fruity taste, you can also experience an essence of bitterness at the end. This blonde beer has an alcohol content of 8%.


  • Houblon Chouffe

Houblon Chouffe is a kind of strong beer as it has a high alcohol content of 9% with a fruity and bitter taste. You will fall in love with this magnificent beer and appreciate the subtle taste of grapefruit. It is considered a popular ingredient in all culinary dishes.


Final Words

Either you are purchasing for yourself or thinking of an amazing gift, and we have everything that you need. Take a look at our collection or contact our team to find the best blond beer for you.

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Health benefits of beer

Health benefits of beer

In today's society, people are busy in their day-to-day life. Moreover, people don't get time to relax because of this. Beer is one of the best tools that you can use to relax and enjoy your life.


What actually a beer is?


What is a beer? Don't know what beer actually is and what is it made of? If we talk about the basic definition of beer. Beer is an alcoholic, fermented resource that is made up of the combination of malt, hops, yeast, and water.

Are hops always present in beer?

Hops are not always present in a beer. Beer can also be defined as an alcoholic beverage that is produced with the extraction of raw materials along with water, fermenting, and boiling. In some countries, beer is also defined by the law, countries like Germany.


How Many Calories Does a Beer Bottle Have?

Have a look at the calories in a different type of beers:


  • Bitter: 180 calories
  • Pale ale: 182 calories
  • Mild bitter: 142 calories
  • Brown ale: 160 calories
  • Lager ordinary-strength: 170 calories
  • Stout: 210 calories
  • Lager - premium: 338 calories
  • Sweet cider: 220 calories
  • Dry cider: 190 calories
  • Vintage-sweet cider: 580 calories



Health benefits that we get from beer:


Beer makes you live longer:

As we know that normal drinking is really good for health, & beer is really good for normal drinking. We all are aware that if we drink in large amounts, it doesn't act good for us. If we get in touch with a number of independent studies, you will get to know that moderate drinking makes you live longer & better. Beer is really good if we talk about moderate drinking as it has a low alcohol content & larger in volume as compared to spirits or wines. An old radical states that "Beer, if drunk with moderation, just softs the temper, promotes health & cheers spirit too." It didn't need any kind of scientific study to know this.


Beer is natural:

Some of us consider that beer is full of additives & preservatives. It is actually not true as beer is made up of all-natural orange juice. Beer does not require any preservatives because it does not contain alcohol & hops. Both are natural preservatives. The same process the bread undergoes while getting ready is used by the beer too. It is firstly cooked & fermented, filtered & packaged.


Beer helping in improving your cholesterol:

Beer doesn't have cholesterol; it actually helps in improving cholesterol levels for an individual. You might not know but, if you drink beer regularly & moderately, it helps in tilting the LDL/HDL ratios the correct way. There are two types of cholesterol in our body: HDL is the good cholesterol that the armor-plates your veins & keeps things flowing, & LDL is the bad cholesterol that builds up your veins like sludge in a bathtub drain. The beer power-flushes system & keeps HDL levels up.


Beer helps to chill:

Social reasons that moderate drinking includes are beneficial for your health. In simple words, to come out of stress every now & then & relax with friends over a number of beers.


Beer has plenty of vitamin B:

Beer that is lightly filtered, or we can say unfiltered beer is very nutrition-rich, despite so many years of straining the facts by different anti-alcohol groups. It has very high levels of vitamin B, that is, particularly folic acid, that is to help and prevent heart failures and heart attacks. It also contains soluble fiber that is good to keep you healthy, which in return also helps in reducing the health problems which occur due to the unhealthy food. It also helps you boost up the significant magnesium levels & potassium when you plan a metal plating on your gut.


Beer is safer than drinking water:

If you are at a place where you received advice that you don't have to drink too much water, then beer can be the best option for you. It is an even better option than bottled water. If we talk about beer, it undergoes the brewing process & is also kept clean after the right through the bottle that is capped & sealed. Moreover, there is no bacteria in the beer that can be harmful to you.


Beer helps in preventing heart attacks:

If you are looking for different vitamins that are good for your body, then you will be happy to know that beer has so many other good things for you. This helps you in preventing yourself from diseases like heart attack.


Beer fights against cancer:

One of the most amazing and interesting facts about beer is that it has a connection with health also. It helps you to get rid of a disease like cancer. Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that helps in getting rid of diseases like cancer.


Beer never gives you beer belly:

A study that was done by specialized researchers of "University College of London" in 2003 showed that there is no such connection between the quantity of beer drunk by the people & their fat. It's just fake news that all the people have got in their minds. Studies found that "the association b/w beer & obesity is very weak." A lot of studies have also shown that beer drinkers don't develop beer bellies and weigh comparatively less than non-drinkers. Beer also helps in boosting up the metabolism, helps the body to absorb fat & makes you healthier and less disgusting. Just drinking beer in moderation can become a part of your healthy diet.



Now by reading the above article, you must have known about all the positive sides of drinking beer. So that's what beer actually gives us. A healthy lifestyle and also so many health benefits. Moreover, beer makes you live longer & happier. It has also been proven that beer doesn't give you any belly fat. So, start drinking more and more beer as it gives you so many health benefits and relaxes your body. Choose your favorite flavours out of so many different flavours and enjoy it with your friends.


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