Health benefits of beer

Health benefits of beer

In today's society, people are busy in their day-to-day life. Moreover, people don't get time to relax because of this. Beer is one of the best tools that you can use to relax and enjoy your life.


What actually a beer is?


What is a beer? Don't know what beer actually is and what is it made of? If we talk about the basic definition of beer. Beer is an alcoholic, fermented resource that is made up of the combination of malt, hops, yeast, and water.

Are hops always present in beer?

Hops are not always present in a beer. Beer can also be defined as an alcoholic beverage that is produced with the extraction of raw materials along with water, fermenting, and boiling. In some countries, beer is also defined by the law, countries like Germany.


How Many Calories Does a Beer Bottle Have?

Have a look at the calories in a different type of beers:


  • Bitter: 180 calories
  • Pale ale: 182 calories
  • Mild bitter: 142 calories
  • Brown ale: 160 calories
  • Lager ordinary-strength: 170 calories
  • Stout: 210 calories
  • Lager - premium: 338 calories
  • Sweet cider: 220 calories
  • Dry cider: 190 calories
  • Vintage-sweet cider: 580 calories



Health benefits that we get from beer:


Beer makes you live longer:

As we know that normal drinking is really good for health, & beer is really good for normal drinking. We all are aware that if we drink in large amounts, it doesn't act good for us. If we get in touch with a number of independent studies, you will get to know that moderate drinking makes you live longer & better. Beer is really good if we talk about moderate drinking as it has a low alcohol content & larger in volume as compared to spirits or wines. An old radical states that "Beer, if drunk with moderation, just softs the temper, promotes health & cheers spirit too." It didn't need any kind of scientific study to know this.


Beer is natural:

Some of us consider that beer is full of additives & preservatives. It is actually not true as beer is made up of all-natural orange juice. Beer does not require any preservatives because it does not contain alcohol & hops. Both are natural preservatives. The same process the bread undergoes while getting ready is used by the beer too. It is firstly cooked & fermented, filtered & packaged.


Beer helping in improving your cholesterol:

Beer doesn't have cholesterol; it actually helps in improving cholesterol levels for an individual. You might not know but, if you drink beer regularly & moderately, it helps in tilting the LDL/HDL ratios the correct way. There are two types of cholesterol in our body: HDL is the good cholesterol that the armor-plates your veins & keeps things flowing, & LDL is the bad cholesterol that builds up your veins like sludge in a bathtub drain. The beer power-flushes system & keeps HDL levels up.


Beer helps to chill:

Social reasons that moderate drinking includes are beneficial for your health. In simple words, to come out of stress every now & then & relax with friends over a number of beers.


Beer has plenty of vitamin B:

Beer that is lightly filtered, or we can say unfiltered beer is very nutrition-rich, despite so many years of straining the facts by different anti-alcohol groups. It has very high levels of vitamin B, that is, particularly folic acid, that is to help and prevent heart failures and heart attacks. It also contains soluble fiber that is good to keep you healthy, which in return also helps in reducing the health problems which occur due to the unhealthy food. It also helps you boost up the significant magnesium levels & potassium when you plan a metal plating on your gut.


Beer is safer than drinking water:

If you are at a place where you received advice that you don't have to drink too much water, then beer can be the best option for you. It is an even better option than bottled water. If we talk about beer, it undergoes the brewing process & is also kept clean after the right through the bottle that is capped & sealed. Moreover, there is no bacteria in the beer that can be harmful to you.


Beer helps in preventing heart attacks:

If you are looking for different vitamins that are good for your body, then you will be happy to know that beer has so many other good things for you. This helps you in preventing yourself from diseases like heart attack.


Beer fights against cancer:

One of the most amazing and interesting facts about beer is that it has a connection with health also. It helps you to get rid of a disease like cancer. Xanthohumol is an antioxidant that helps in getting rid of diseases like cancer.


Beer never gives you beer belly:

A study that was done by specialized researchers of "University College of London" in 2003 showed that there is no such connection between the quantity of beer drunk by the people & their fat. It's just fake news that all the people have got in their minds. Studies found that "the association b/w beer & obesity is very weak." A lot of studies have also shown that beer drinkers don't develop beer bellies and weigh comparatively less than non-drinkers. Beer also helps in boosting up the metabolism, helps the body to absorb fat & makes you healthier and less disgusting. Just drinking beer in moderation can become a part of your healthy diet.



Now by reading the above article, you must have known about all the positive sides of drinking beer. So that's what beer actually gives us. A healthy lifestyle and also so many health benefits. Moreover, beer makes you live longer & happier. It has also been proven that beer doesn't give you any belly fat. So, start drinking more and more beer as it gives you so many health benefits and relaxes your body. Choose your favorite flavours out of so many different flavours and enjoy it with your friends.


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