The Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium

The Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium

Grimbergen has remained one of the most delicious and refreshing abbey Grimbergen Belgium Beer for more than 200 years and is planned to be brewed again in the abbey north premises of Brussels, Belgium. A total of 15 monks from Grimbergen Abbey, along with other brewing groups like Carlsberg and Alken-Maes (Heineken), are involved in the relaunch of this activity in Grimbergen Belgium.


Inspired by the forefathers of Grimbergen abbey brewery, the brewers have a large variety of voyages of unique discovery. We are in constant search for the best hopes to make the brews shine bright and maintain the reputation of Grimbergen Belgium Beer all across the world.


Interestingly, a microbrewery has already started the production of 10,000 hectoliters of Grimbergen Beer UK annually. This Bière Grimbergen brewery will be a major innovation hub that will combine various Grimbergen Belgium Beer brewing traditions originating from the library of ancient books. These will include unique limited-edition crafting and innovative techniques batches of exceptional Double Ambree Grimbergen.


The monks would be directly involved in Grimbergen Beer UK production. Until now, every time there was a launch of new Grimbergen Beer, they used to consult the community for the design and taste, but with the introduction of new Grimbergen Belgium beer microbrewery, they are going further into brewing methods.



The Grimbergen Belgium Beer abbey didn’t have its own brand as it was destroyed during the French Revolution in 1978. It was burned twice and ransacked by the French troops that ended the tradition of beers from the 12th century. However, Carlsberg & Heineken came together in 2008 and became a Dutch subsidiary to continue the production of Bière Grimbergen.


The Grimbergen abbey was discovered nearly 900 years ago, but as you already know, the abbey was forced to abandon after the French Revolution happened. The new Grimbergen abbey reopened on 27th May after partnering with the Carlsberg & Heineken group in the capital of Belgium, Brussels.


The Grimbergen Blonde brewer master ‘Marc Antoine Sochon’ says that they are setting up a standard for the Grimbergen Belgium beers worldwide. Their new Grimbergen Belgium Beer brewery allows them to make multiple batches of premium and delicious beers that are inspired by both old and new brewing techniques. This allows them to create a brand new sensory experience for the Double Ambree Grimbergen beers.


He also says that these new brew lineups like Grimbergen Beer Canada, Grimbergen Blonde, Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree, and Grimbergen Blonde will provide the consumers with Grimbergen Beer and few others with a whole new experience of new tastes and flavours. It can only be experienced only in the Grimbergen Abbey and its surroundings.


Special Grimbergen Belgium Beer

After the launch of the Grimbergen Belgium Beer and receiving its official global license, the CEO of Carlsberg Group, Cees’t Hart, says that the new Grimbergen Beer UK beer products are a treat and a beginning for Grimbergen next chapter. This will give you a whole new experience that they believe will take the Grimbergen Belgian beer to the next level.


Bière Grimbergen is the start of a new beginning, and the growing portfolio of beer brewing specialty and crafting keeps progressing with constant double-digit growth in the respective category. The new Grimbergen Beer UK abbey brewery is an essential step taken by the Grimbergen group to continue developing the special Grimbergen Belgium Beer to fulfill the global demand.


Grimbergen believes that this beautiful Grimbergen Beer UK abbey brewery will take the drinkers and general public worldwide on an incredible and blissful journey of flavours and authentic discovery.


Here are the types of Grimbergen Belgium Beer :


  • Grimbergen Blonde: These are top-fermented beers that are characterized by sweet and fruity caramel and a wide variety of flavours. It has Golden-yellow, yellow plum notes, cloudy, medium hopped, full-bodied, grainy notes, light herb notes, honey malt notes, and ripe apricot. Its main ingredients are barley and wheat. However, the taste is dependent on the type of beer, delicate or strong, hoppiness, and flowers or grapefruits.
  • Tips For Use: Grimbergen Blonde has a wide variety of beer styles containing all fruity flavours. Therefore you must try it with blue cheese, Thai chicken curry, and garlic lamb chops.
  • How To Serve: Grimbergen Blonde is best served with 10-14°C chilled. It takes about 1 hour to get the bottle chilled from the fridge and then bring it to the mentioned temperature.


  • Double Ambree Grimbergen: Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree are the same as the Grimbergen Blonde beer UK, but their main ingredients are Golden brown, plum notes, medium-bodied, orangey, toffee notes, plum notes, amber, and mildly hopped. It contains around 6.5% alcohol with 50 Kcal/100ml. Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree is a filtered dark beer with a little bittersweet taste. Its aroma has base notes of chocolates, dry fruit, burnt sugar, and raisins. It is a strong beer with rich flavours of roasted malts that goes well with meat dishes.


There are few things that are worth mentioning before we head further into the topic. Any allergens that possibly contain in these Grimbergen Blonde or Double Ambree Grimbergen/Grimbergen Beer Double Ambree are clearly mentioned by the brewer manufacturer on the label. Grimbergen holds responsibility for any quality or composition of its product during consumption. They also ensure that the products and the labels, and their promotional elements are in proper accordance with relative regulations and provisions.


Wrapping It Up:

Now that Grimbergen is back in the abbey brewing business, Grimbergen Beer Canada also aims to combine the ancient techniques mentioned in Abbey’s library books. With modern innovative technologies for producing premium edition crafted Grimbergen Beer Canada, consumers will get to experience something new that they have never tasted before.


With centuries of experience and a wealthy history that the abbey’s library books contain, the CEO of  Grimbergen Beer Canada Cees’t Hart is confident that their upcoming projects are promising and will be a huge success. He believes that the beautiful Relationship Between Grimbergen And Belgium will take the drinking enthusiasts to a whole new world with an incredible journey of wide varieties of flavour discovery.

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