Westvleteren 12- The Extraordinary And Exclusive Beer

Westvleteren 12- The Extraordinary And Exclusive Beer

Westvleteren 12 is the heaviest of all beers. It is extraordinary because it is a quadrupel style beer and is easily recognisable by the yellow cap. It is one of the highest rated beers in our review section. Visit us to know more.


Westvleteren 12 is a renowned Belgian trappist beer that is brewed in the Westvleteren Abbey brewery. This beer got major recognition by getting multiple medals and awards. Its exclusive character is the reason for its popularity. Moreover, Ratebeer Portal has given this beer the best score of 100/100. It is consistently securing its place in the top 10 beers of the world. So, it is best to consider it as a Treasure of Belgium as it has won the 'best beer in the world' title.

The Beer

Westvleteren 12 is also called Westvleteren Abt, does not have any label. The Trappist Beer can be noticed from the neck of the bottle, and the yellow cap makes it different from the other beers. The production of this beer was enough to handle all the expenses of the monastery. Westvleteren is a quadrupel style trappist beer with 10% alcohol content by volume. It has a mahogany color with a complex aroma of ripe fruits and brown reflections with spicy notes.


 It is robust and slightly sweet with flavours of spices, raisins, and fruits.

It is one of the prestigious and heaviest beers manufactured by the monks of Westvleteren.

The beer which is available now is not the product which was made earlier. Back then, that beer only contained 2% of alcohol. In fact, it was a different beer than the available beer these days.

Tastes, Characters & Aromas

Westvleteren 12 has a very creamy, full, and smooth round-bodied aroma with moderate to good carbonation. It owns a good malt flavour, and it is a very sincere and lush beer. You can experience the notes of dried raisins, figs, caramel sweetness, some licorice, leather, tobacco, and alcohol.


It has an exceptionally complex and balanced taste that ends or lasts with a dry finish. It provides a unique taste to the person who drinks it. It contains around 10.2% alcohol by volume. The main ingredients of this amazing beer is sugar, candy syrup, hops, yeast, barley malt, and water.

Food Pairings

It is worth pairing Westvleteren 12 with cheese known as Trappists de Belval. It is a kind of traditional French Trappist manufactured by the female monks who belong to the Sint-Sixtus monastery. It is a special cheese as it gets refined and treated with Westvleteren beer. It sets new and true taste goals for the gastro-oriented fans of Westy.


Additionally, you can find a variety of products that are produced with Westvleteren, such as desserts and truffles. However, the Westvleteren 12 is one of the most versatile beers for cooking. It is just the fact that anything which has a mark of Westvleteren easily sells in the market. You can notice that in a large array of top restaurants, the chefs use this beer in one of their dishes.

Storage and Keeping

Trappist Westvleteren 12 needs optimized conditions for ageing and storage. Moreover, it can be kept for decades without any doubt. This depends on the individual's personal taste as some people consider Westvleteren 12's best taste in two to five years. It is a must-have trappist Westvleteren beer to fulfil your exclusive beer collection. The taste of this amazing ale changes with time as it develops more wine-like characteristics with its enhanced age.

Some of the variants of this beer become more complex and stronger with time. A Westvleteren 12, which is aged for ten years, can retain the same taste and aromas.


On the other hand, the bitterness completely fades along with the carbonization. Instead, the sweetness gets more noticeable and retains for a longer time. It becomes somewhat thicker and port-like, richer, and much browner beer.

Packaging and Availability of Westvleteren 12

When it comes to the exclusive beers of the world, Westvleteren always stands out among others. Even the serving glasses for this beer are unique. It means patience is required to buy or order a crate straight from the Sint-Sixtus Abbey. 


This beer can only be ordered by phone since 2006 at fixed dates and times. The advertisement of this beer gets published on the site of Sint-Sixtus along with the number of cases and type of beer. The most challenging thing while ordering this beer is that only a single line is available. The monks hardly deliver beer to 1 or 2% of the callers.


The sale is officially made via the monastery or at the visitors centre. In the centre, you can taste the trappist beer, or you can even purchase a Cerveza Westvleteren 12 pack along with other variants. When your order gets placed, you may be allowed to pick up to three wooden cases containing 24 bottles each. The quantity and type of beer you get may also depend on the availability. It is not necessary that you definitely get the Westvleteren 12. The other major thing about these lambic beers is that you can not resell your order.

Other Variants of Westvleteren Beers

1.Westvleteren Blond: This beer is one of the lightest beers of the

Sint-Sixtus abbey. When this beer is confined to its bottle, it can only be recognized by removing the green topping.


It features a gold colour with a banana light and haze. Westvleteren Beer contains a perfect balance of hoppiness and sweetness. This beer should be drunk at the temperature of around 6⁰C. Its low alcohol content makes it a lasting and well-graced beer along with a creamy mix of heavenly hops.


  1. Westvleteren 8: It is less known and little brother of Westvleteren 12. Sadly, it is comparatively less appreciated than other variants. It can be recognized by its blue bottle cap. It is one of the less popular varieties of beer produced by the Sint-Sixtus monastery.

This beer is best to serve at a warm room temperature.

Wrapping it up

Westvleteren 12 is among the best and reputed beers in the world. It is worth investing in these beers. Their rarity is an addition to the luster of this beer. If you are a man and want to experience the entire range, then you have to visit a monastery. It has a unique and innovative taste, so one should try atleast once in his life.

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