What does Leffe contain?

What does Leffe contain?

Leffe is a respected and authentic Abbey beer brand that originated in Belgian. Leffe provides various beers, each of which has a unique quality, flavors, and styles. Among all of them, there are only two, ie. Leffe blonde and Leffe brown stand out in terms of historical significance and popularity. Leffe Brown is still considered a traditional style ale. On the other hand, Leffe Blond is the modern approach with a twist of its traditional formula.

Leffe Brown was famous for its deep brown color, and Leffe Blonde can be defined as the ale which streams honey gold.


The Leffe beer family is full-bodied and rich in taste. It is manufactured from premium quality ingredients. They offer a recipe for fancy moments of life that beads to be savoured for the future. The best thing is that Leffe's distinctive heritage is now enjoyed by customers in around 70 countries worldwide. This brand offers Leffe in four different varieties, which includes Brown, Blonde, Vielle, and Radieuse.

Leffe Beer Ingredients

Leffe Blonde is golden in color and has a subtle taste with age-old expertise. It is a perfect blend of the hop, water, pale malt, and yeast which is responsible for the reflection of light. If we talk about the Leffe Brown, it contains a number of ingredients like maize, malt, barley, water, hops, and sugar.


As per the BJCP guidelines, The Leffe Blonde is considered one of the strongest Belgian Blonde ales. It contains around 6.6% alcohol content by volume with hints of slight spiciness, bitterness, and floral honey. Most people are fond of its light and smooth taste.


It has an aroma of clove, banana, and pepper that blends with the malt to create a smell similar to freshly baked spicy bread. Leffe Blonde is effervescent and bubbly and is setting a benchmark for its Belgian blonde flavour. This beer is sweet and short, which makes this amazing ale a dangerously easy drinker.


On the other hand, as per the style guide, it is not at all listed, but still, it is best defined as a cross among Belgian Dubbel and Belgian Dark ale. Regardless of any type of beer you choose, as per the Leffe, the best method to experience both is by using the Leffe Chalice. Leffe Chalice is a goblet-shaped class that has thick walls and a huge mouth to enhance the Belgian Ales drinking experience.

The Leffe Beer Origin

If we talk about the Leffe Beer Origin, then it is linked closely with the Abbey named Notre-Dame de Leffe. It has an exciting past that is responsible for the formation of this beer. Hence, the Leffe Beer Origin is best to explain Abbey's history.


Like other Monasteries of the middle age, it was established in Belgium in 1152. Notre-Dame de Leffe produces this amazing beer, and they brew the beer which is sold in the market nowadays also.


Just like other breweries in the middle ages, this Trappist brewery has provided two major things to the community. The first reason to prefer beer was to save the local sources of water. Another reason to consider beer for drinking was the breweries were treated as social areas for the welcome travelers and the surrounding communities.


The Leffe Beer Abbey's monks themselves define the reason to start brewing due to two reasons: one is they had a fear that water could cause illness, and second they want to provide hospitality to travellers and welcome pilgrims warmly. 

Calories count of Leffe Brune, Leffe Blonde, and Leffe Brown Beer

If we talk about the calories in Leffe Brune, then one bottle of Leffe Brune (330 ml) contains around 202 calories, 18 g carbs, 0 g fat, 1g Protein.


When it comes to Leffe Blonde calories, then there are around 200 calories in a bottle(11.2oz) of Leffe Blonde Beer. Besides this, it contains 0% protein, 0% fats, and 100% carbs.


On the other hand, Leffe Brown Calories count is around 185.

Leffe Beer Pronunciation

The monastery of Leffe is situated in the French-speaking portion of Belgium. So, Leffe Beer pronunciation in French is /lef/. Its Dutch pronunciation is /lef-ah/ as its headquarters are situated in Flanders, Belgium.

Food Pairings

Leffe Brown and Leffe Blonde are premium Belgian ales that were introduced back in the 13th century. Leffe Blonde Beer is a deep golden Abbey beer with the essence of vanilla, clove, and smoky carmel and roasted notes. It has a silky and sweet taste with a little hint of balanced bitterness.


Leffe Brown is a dark-coloured and superb Belgian brown ale with essences of dried fruits, cloves, vanilla and roasted coffee. Leffe Blonde is a comforting, rich, and full-bodied beer that can make a perfect pair with white fish such as halibut. By containing the correct malt notes, there's something wonderful and sweet about the complexity of beer that goes with a number of food options.


If we talk about the Leffe Brown, it can easily pair up with chocolate and savory desserts. It provides us with roasted toffee bitter with a dry and soothing finish. Lef


It tastes delicious with a number of dishes like:


  • Sweet and Sour Dishes
  • Red Meat
  • Creamy and Soft Cheeses like Camembert, Saint-Marcellin, Brie

Types Of Leffe Beer

If you are searching for leffe beer near me, then we provide a variety of Leffe beer as per your choice. There are the following varieties of Leffe available with us. Let's have a look:


  • Leffe Tripel: Leffe Tripel is full of character and authentic blond Abbey that gets fermented a second time in the bottle only because of yeast. It features a refined and robust flavour.


  • Leffe Rituel: It has a dark golden colour and is a highly fermented beer.


  • Leffe Radieuse: It is flavour enriched which is refined deliciously, and has an amber colour.


  • Leffe Nectar: It is an orange and honey flavoured blond beer.


  • Leffe Brown: It has a deep brown colour, and it is sweet in taste.


  • Leffe Blond: It is a traditional blond abbey beer with a little hint of sweetness and bitterness.

Final Words

Either you are buying for yourself or for your loved ones, and we have everything that you need. Check out our collection on our website to choose the suitable blond beer for you.

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