Where does La Chouffe come from?

Where does La Chouffe come from?

La Chouffe Beer is a refreshing and pleasantly spicy beer that leaves a sense of citrus on the palate. With its hoppy taste, this Belgium beer has won the heart of many beer lovers all around the world for many years. La Chouffe is an award-winning blonde beer due to its unique and wonderful taste.


The Chouffe Beer

This Blonde beer is recognizable for its red-hooded gnome, and it is manufactured in the Ardennes. It is a revitalizing drink that owns a peachy aftertaste with a hint of coriander. It was discovered in 1982. Not only its origin, but it also makes history with their tripel and how chouffe Cerveza brewed from the actual recipe from the Houffalize area.


La Chouffe Beer is a pure blond beer, re-brewed in the bottle along with the barrel. This blonde beer has a fruity taste with a sense of coriander with a mild hops taste. The glass of Belgian beer seems like the sun in glass due to its amazing deep golden yellow color with a dense and creamy collar of froth. Moreover, the herbal fragrance is an addition followed by the pleasant aroma of fresh and green coriander.


This perfect blend of flavors is beautifully complemented by the fruitiness of a banana and attains a flowery character. These refreshing fruity flavors ensure that you don’t feel over heavy mouth while enjoying this refreshing drink. Due to its pleasant flavors with a hint of coriander, it is also named coriander beer. The final product is peppery and herbal, and Chouffe is ready to drink.


Let’s talk about its Alcohol content and Fermentation Process

Chouffe is one of the best-selling beers and a multi-award winner, among others. La Chouffe beer alcohol content is around 8%ABV. Chouffe beer can be easily fermented in both the bottle and barrel, and it is considered high fermentation blonde beer. After its maturation and fermentation process, it is encouraged to re-ferment by adding yeast and sugar before transforming into a bottle as a final product.


What are the core ingredients of La Chouffe Blonde Beer?

La Chouffe beer is made with 100% organic ingredients. The list of ingredients include:


  • Pale Barley Malt
  • Yeast
  • Water
  • Hop varieties
  • Saaz-Saaz


Besides these ingredients, coriander is an interesting addition in its preparation and is more frequently found in Belgian white beers.


Transparency & Color

The color of the La Chouffe Beer USA is golden in color with a twist of the cloudy feature. When you fill your glass with this drink, it gets covered with a collar of pearly bubbles that enhances its look and makes it more tempting. One thing to keep in mind is to pour it slowly and step by step.


Serving Tips and Ideal Temperature

All the beers are fermented in the bottle and have high yeast content. So, extra attention is required during the pouring process. It is suggested to pour it slowly to avoid sudden hindrance. The tip to enhance the taste of this amazing blond beer is to add the yeast at the serving time. The ideal temperature to serve Belgian beer la chouffe is 6 – 10 °C / 42.8 ° F – 50 °F.



Taste, Character, and Aromas

Coriander Beer has an amazing taste with a combination of fruity, malty, and herbal aromas. It is a great refreshing drink with the flowery and fruity essence of apricot with a hint of coriander, citrusy touches, and a mild hoppiness.



Big Chouffe beer can be excellently paired with salmon, asparagus, broccoli, tuna, spicy sushi, lobster, mussels, chicken fillet or fried veal, mustard sauce, chives, quail, rice, fresh coriander, roast chicken.


Some other amazing combinations can be prepared with melons of Cavaillon, unpasteurized cow’s cheeses, Beaufort Haut Alpage, and honey. You can enjoy a beer in the brewery tavern as it is best to use to create an amazing effect in the Sabayon.


Storage and Keeping

You can keep a bottle of Chouffe Beer for around 36 months, and if it is in the barrel, then it can be stored for one year. After three years of its packaging, its color and taste will start to change.


It is advisable to store the Belgian beer La chouffe in a dark and cool place. Big Chouffe beer bottles must be stored in a vertical or upside-down position to uplift the yeast for better mixing.


What is the availability of La Chouffe Beer Bottles?

Chouffe beer is mainly supplied in Belgium and around its borders. So you can easily find Belgium beer in supermarkets, cafes, and beer shops. It is available in the 6 pack of beer bottles and comes in two different bottles, i.e., 33cl and 75cl. The last mentioned is also known as Big Chouffe beer.


Some Other Variants Of Chouffe Beer:


  • Chouffe Soleil

Chouffe Soleil Beer is refreshing, delicate, and fruity. It is enriched with citrus flavors along with a hint of peppery notes and Vanilla, which stimulates our taste buds. You will experience pleasant times while having it all year round. It is made from a perfect combination of wheat, rye, and barley. This Belgium Beer makes the perfect pair with:


  • Chocolate muffin
  • Soft Cheese and crusted goat’s cheese
  • Tomato, Asparagus, Celery root, radishes, and cauliflower
  • Pink Pepper and Basil


  • Mc Chouffe

Mc Chouffe is full of character and is loved by all beer lovers all over the world. Its creamy head, dark ruby color, and distinctive flavor make it unique and stand out among the other beers. Mc chouffe is also featured for its licorice and spicy aniseed flavors complemented with the amazing caramel notes.


Despite its vigorous nature, it is also surprisingly smooth enough to drink. Along with the fruity taste, you can also experience an essence of bitterness at the end. This blonde beer has an alcohol content of 8%.


  • Houblon Chouffe

Houblon Chouffe is a kind of strong beer as it has a high alcohol content of 9% with a fruity and bitter taste. You will fall in love with this magnificent beer and appreciate the subtle taste of grapefruit. It is considered a popular ingredient in all culinary dishes.


Final Words

Either you are purchasing for yourself or thinking of an amazing gift, and we have everything that you need. Take a look at our collection or contact our team to find the best blond beer for you.

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