History Of Brussels Waffle

History Of Brussels Waffle

Brussels has a long history with waffles. They are highly popular in the USA too and have been represented as the country’s cuisine. If you want to know more about the History Of Brussels Waffle, read more.


Belgium is famed for its waffles. There are a variety of waffles in Brussels like Belgian Waffle Mix, Euro Waffle, Golfre, Vanilla Waffles, etc. Brussels Waffles in America have a lighter batter, deeper pockets and larger squares to any other ordinary waffle.


Typically, Belgian Waffles In Brussels are fermented with yeast. However, they also use baking powder often. Usually, they are served with different toppings in breakfast that includes fruits, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, margarine and Butter. Besides that, Brussels Waffles can also be eaten as desserts along with fresh fruits and vanilla ice cream.


The irony of Belgian Waffles Brussels popularity in the USA, which is a big part of the American cuisine, is that this large and heavily loaded breakfast that is involved in many morning menus is not very similar to the original Belgian Waffles In Brussels. In America, there is only one kind of Waffle, but in Belgium, when you talk about waffles, there are several kinds of waffles that come to our mind, including Brussels Waffles and Liege Waffles.

But that's for the later part of the story. First, we will talk about the invention of the Brussels Waffle and its significance in everyone's day to day life. So let's dive right into it.


In the ancient history of Greece, the chefs used to bake flat cakes known as oublie or obelius. These cakes used to get ornamentations when cinnamon and honey were used by the chefs to depict scenes from the bible or any religious symbols on them.


Let's see some insights about the history of Belgium Waffles In Brussels:


  • They received ornamentations because of the handicrafts of the chefs who would use various forging techniques on the cooking plates of iron which print the pattern on the flat cakes. Besides Bible scenes, various other designs on the waffles included coats of arms and landscapes.


  • In 1962, Belgian Waffles Brussels appeared for the first time in World's Fair Seattle, America. But it was made popular during the 1964-1965 World's Fair by a person named 'Maurice Vermersch' who was a Belgian native. Its popularity started to skyrocket, and the Belgian Waffle started to be known as Brussels Waffles, which originates from the capital of Belgium, Brussels.


  • When the Brussels Waffle made its way into North America, not only did its name gets changed as the option for being a street food to diner breakfast, but also the batter used to prepare it as well. The Belgian Waffles prepared today in America are similar to pancakes which are made in a waffle iron.


  • They are no longer made with delicately balanced batter, which is the reason for its crispiness from the outside and airy from the inside. Besides that, the American version of Belgian Waffle is different in flavour, which is why it is embellished and garnished to compensate.

Brussel Waffle vs Liege Waffle

Brussels waffle is just one among the two types of Waffle loved all across Belgium. The other type of Waffle lesser-known outside Belgium is 'Liege Waffle'. Brussel Waffles are a crowd-pleaser, and Liege Waffle is its younger and tougher sibling.


The reason being, it does not catch your attention at first glance, but as you take every bite of it, it grows on you while revealing its dense and sweet flavour over time. Liege Waffle has deep holes, a lighter airy structure and a perfectly rectangular shape.


Let us discuss how Liege Waffles is different from Belgian Waffle:


  • According to ancient history, the Liege Waffle was first invented in Liege, a Belgian city in the Wallonia region, when a Prince-Bishop asked his cook to prepare a pastry with high sugar content. Liege Waffles since then has become a customary part of Belgian cuisine.


  • They are hugely prepared with a special type of sugar called 'Pear Sugar' that has a certain type of chewiness caramelization while cooking.


  • Liege Waffles are primarily sold in the grocery stores, outside train stations, near the streets and other places as well. People eat it with their hands. Belgians prefer their waffles without any topping texture or sweet flavours as it's difficult to eat while walking.


  • The original Belgian Waffles and its counterparts American waffles are way more different than each other in two main ways. They are a mode of eating and toppings. The Belgian Waffles have lesser toppings with just strawberry slices and whipped cream. Unlike Americans, they don't add any maple syrup to it. Belgians like their waffles on the go, which is a fast and tasty way for fixing sugar issues.


Types Of Belgian Waffles

From the cobblestone streets to the gorgeous architecture, the capital of Belgium, Brussels is a great sight to admire. If you ever get a chance to visit Belgium, be sure to try Belgium's all kinds of waffles like:


  • Belgian Waffle
  • Brussels Waffle
  • American Waffle
  • Vanilla Waffle
  • Toaster Waffle
  • Liege Waffle
  • Hong-Kong Waffle (eggless)
  • Waffle Cone
  • Pizzelle
  • The Stroopwafel
  • Savoury Waffle


You won't find it difficult to get into a stall or cafe making them.


But what is it that makes them so special? How are they prepared? Let's get right into it.

How To Make Belgian Waffles?

Belgian Waffle Mix is super light, tender and crispy, which is popular among dessert lovers for its unique taste. These classic waffles are amazingly crunchy, which is more than enough to wow anyone.


With this product, you won't require to visit any bakery or nearby shop to satisfy your cravings as it's easily preparable at home. You just need to add vegetable oil and water into a bowl, stir all the ingredients for about 5 minutes until the batter turns smooth, and then pour it on the waffle iron. Wait until the Waffle turns golden brown.


You can either add maple syrup to it or top it with whipped cream for extra flavour. Here are the ingredients used to make Belgian Waffles:




  • All-purpose flour, 2 cups
  • Milk, 1-1 ½ cups
  • Sugar, ¾ cups
  • Melted Butter, 1 cup
  • Vanilla Extract, 1 teaspoon
  • Baking Powder, 3 ½ teaspoons
  • 2 Large Eggs
  • Maple Syrup or Sliced Strawberries

Wrapping It Up:

With time, we have certainly changed the way food functions as a part of the culture. Human capacity has indeed fueled the already existing traditions which need to innovate and improvise. Food is the ultimate mode of satisfaction that we gain from consumption.


However, the change in the design of the Belgium Waffles are only an outcome of improvisation and curiosity to expand more even if some people say that they destroy the cultural delicacy and the connotation to it.



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