Why is Belgian Chocolate Simply the Best?

Why is Belgian Chocolate Simply the Best?

Are you a chocolate lover and want to know why Belgian chocolate is simply the best? If yes, then by the help of this article you will get the brief information about Belgium Chocolates. Read more!


 If yes, then you would be overwhelmed to know that Belgium is the country with the most chocolate consumers. It is because Belgium Chocolates Simply Are Simply The Best. Read the article to know more.


Belgium is the first place that comes to mind when you think of chocolate. This place is known for its chocolate history, and these days Belgian chocolate is considered a gold standard.


Around 3000 years back, chocolate was introduced to the world, but what is the exact reason which makes Belgian chocolate famous in a competitive market? To find out the answer to how Belgium has earned this much reputation for its chocolate, let's first dive into the history.

Belgian Chocolate History

In 1635, the first chocolate trace was found in Belgium, and it was purchased by Baudeloo's Abbot. Chocolate making was a kind of sideline for merchants and apothecaries and was not a profession. This process of chocolate making was enhanced when the number of manufacturing places spread across the major cities. Chocolate was a little expensive at that time, so only the upper-class people could afford it.


The advancement in the chocolate industry in the 19th century caused a fall in chocolate prices, and it became easily accessible to the people. 1912 was an important milestone for Belgian chocolate. It was the year when Praline was invented by the famous chocolatier in Belgium. And after three years, the Ballotin was discovered by his wife.

Leading Belgian Chocolate Brands

From Leonidas to Govida and from Neuhaus to Cote d'Or, Belgium has various top brands of chocolate made by the best chocolate manufacturers. If we talk about the chocolate capital, then the Flanders region is at the top.


As it has the world's largest chocolate industries like Puratos and Callebaut. You can simply explore the world of pralines, truffles, chocolate bars in surprising flavors. Following are some of the best Belgian chocolate brands which will help you to find the one as per your taste.


With the most sophisticated recipes and the best ingredients, Bruyerre has produced an array of handcrafted chocolates. Their Belgian chocolates are popular for their filling, which consists of ganache, hazelnut praline, and gianduja.


Belvas is one of the Belgian chocolate brands which makes Fairtrade and 100% organic pralines and truffles. This brand is well known for its social commitment and the chocolate's taste.

Côte d'Or

Their cutting edge craftsmanship and passion for producing intense chocolate flavours have made them the leading producer of Belgian chocolate. They constantly explore new ideas to deliver successful and delicious product innovation. Cote d'Or has their original recipe, and they use Gold coast's cocoa beans with an elephant logo.


Godiva is well known for its innovation and sophistication in the world of Belgian chocolates. They properly utilize their expertise to produce the best Belgian chocolate out of the quality ingredients. Their chefs perfectly blend all the flavours with a very smooth texture.


Neuhaus has been dealing with high-end ingredients for over 155 years. To enhance the medicine's taste, he started to cover them with Belgian chocolate. From that, he got the idea of wrapping the chocolates to make them a luxury gift. Each Praline invented by Neuhaus has its own name, flavour, and shape.


Making pralines easy to access, freshness, and generosity are the philosophies of Leonidas. It offers around 100 varieties of chocolates in stores around the world. They guarantee the quality and freshness of the chocolates. Moreover, the chocolates are manufactured using traditional methods and only with the finest and natural ingredients.


Besides these above listed Belgian chocolate brands, there are some more which are listed below:

  • Zaabar
  • Starbrook Airlines
  • Planète Chocolat
  • Mary
  • Jean Galler
  • Daskalidès
  • Corné Port-Royal

Secret Behind Belgian Chocolate Quality

According to the experts, Belgian chocolate has a great international reputation. This is all because of its perfect taste enhanced by the high-quality cocoa butter. Although EUL has allowed the usage of vegetable fats, still the manufactures consider adding vegetable fats as a quality loss.


So, they always use 100% cocoa butter while making Belgian chocolate. The chocolatiers of Belgium always want the satisfaction of their customers. So, they always make the best Belgian chocolate. This is the reason that Belgium is known as the world capital of chocolate.

Is Belgian Chocolate Better Than Swiss?

Generally, Belgian chocolate has high cocoa content, whereas Swiss Chocolate tends to be smooth and creamy. If we talk about better chocolate, then it all depends on the taste of an individual. Belgians become more exciting when a certain flavour is added to the chocolate.


If you want a simple block of chocolate, then Swiss is best. When it comes to truffles and pralines, Belgian chocolate always leads among all. There is something unique and special taste in Belgian chocolate, which makes it amazing. In a nutshell, Belgian chocolates are considered fancy chocolates and are comparatively more popular than Swiss chocolates.

Is Belgian Chocolate Good for Health?

Belgian dark chocolate is enriched with minerals and antioxidants. It contains comparatively less sugar than milk chocolate. As per the research, it has been found that Belgian dark chocolate may be helpful for reducing the risk of chronic diseases. It also improves insulin resistance and reduces inflammation.


In the latest study, it was found that Belgian dark chocolate is also beneficial for the brain. According to Neuroscience, Belgian dark chocolate helps in lowering blood pressure. It contains around 70% of cocoa, which makes it healthiest as it contains less sugar.


Although it has many health benefits, it has a high amount of fats, so it is suggested to eat in moderation. If you consume it in the right amount, then it will act as a miracle food for you.

Final Words

Belgian chocolate has something unique which makes it special. Most people call it the best chocolate in the world, and it has got a well deserved and great recognition. The rich history, its unique process, the specific and premium ingredients make a perfect and rich Belgian chocolate delight. So, if you have not tried it yet, buy it soon to experience the world-class taste of Belgian chocolate or try some amazing recipe with it. 

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