BlancDeBoeuf Belgian Frying Grease For Quality Belgian Fries 2Kg 70,55oz

2.2 kg

Description : 

We have the secret to making great tasting Belgian fries! It's the beef fat used to cook the fries.

You will find this beef fat under the name of "blanc de boeuf"! This blanc de boeuf will allow you to discover or rediscover the "real taste" of the fries of the North and Belgium!

With the white of beef, realize fries without bad smells with an authentic taste! Ideal for crispy and non greasy fries.

Blanc de Boeuf is made from carefully selected animal fat. It gives a delicious and unequalled taste to all your preparations based on frying (fried food, meat, fish, fritters,...)

You can find this 1 kg beef white in solid form. The effect of the heat (between 160 and 180°C) will melt this solid block and the cooking of your fries will be able to start.

Beware, be prepared to taste real fries!