Brugse Zot Brown Dubbel 7.5% 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us

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A Bit Of History : 

Brugse Zot Double is a dark beer with a ruby red color. Brewed from six different types of malts, this beer has developed rich aromas of honey, almond, chocolate and even brown sugar.

For those with a strong taste, it reveals a complex palette of roasted malts and the characteristic bitterness of Czech Saaz hops. The beer initially gives a warm, round impression that ends with a hoppy touch reminiscent of licorice and even roasted coffee.

Brugse Zot Double goes well with game stews, various cheeses and dark chocolate desserts. 

Beer Style Brown
Beer Type Dubbel
ABV 7.5%
Vol 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us
Main Aromas Cereal, Cinnamon