Bzart Oud Beersel Lambiek 7% 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us

1.9 kg

A Bit Of History : 

Lambic is a spontaneously fermented beer and is the oldest existing Belgian beer, which originated around 1300. The 'Lambiek Oud Beersel', which is the basis for BZART Lambiek, matures for twelve months in wooden barrels in the cellars of Oud Beersel. This Lambic is bottled with the addition of 'tirage liquor', which consists of sparkling wine yeast and sugar for the second fermentation. Afterwards this beer matures for at least nine months in the bottle and reaches its final maturation according to the 'Traditional Method'. During this process, fine carbon dioxide develops, remains in the bottle and makes the Lambic effervescent. Through the application of 'riddling' and 'disgorging', the yeast present is removed from the bottle.

Typical for Bzart Lambiek is that there is no dosing by adding the 'expedition liquor' before placing the cork and the worm on the bottle. This results in a sparkling lambic beer with an extraordinary aromatic palette.

BZART LAMBIEK is perfectly suited as an aperitif or digestive and goes fabulously well with meals such as shellfish and fish such as mackerel, eel, herring, salmon, halibut and perlon. Bzart Lambiek is on the menu of renowned restaurants and won the prestigious 'Best Brut/Champagne Beer' award at the World Beer Awards 2016 in the UK.

Beer Style Gold
Beer Type Lambic  Sour
ABV 7%
Vol 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us
Main Aromas Hops, Green Fruit