Cantillon Kriek Lambic 100% Bio 6% 37,5cl / 13,19 fl oz us

1.0 kg

A Bit Of History : 

Known all over the world, Kriek has been produced by the most famous breweries. The Cantillon brewery has also tried its hand at this style with some success. In order to produce a beer of the best possible quality, the brewer will use about 150kg of cherries per 650 liter oak barrel as well as a 100% organic Lambic. The result is successful to say the least:

This organic beer presents itself in its glass with a deep red color and a very fine head. On the nose, delicious cherry aromas take precedence over the rest and it is possible at this stage to perceive some acid aspects. On the palate, it is the flavors of red fruit and citrus that we find, with again a very nice acidity.

The tasting of this Belgian beer can be done with a young Kriek or after aging of several years! 

Beer Style Ruby
Beer Type Lambic Kriek Beer
ABV 6%
Vol 37,5cl / 13,19 fl oz us
Main Aromas Sour Cherries, Red Fruits, Almond.