Gulden Draak Imperial Stout 12% 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us

1.8 kg

A Bit Of History : 

Gulden Draak Imperial Stout is a dark brown to black colored beer and is the heaviest beer of the Gulden Draak range with its alcohol percentage of 12°. The typical roasted taste is obtained by adding roasted and caramelized malt which is used exclusively for this purpose. It is a very well balanced heavy beer.

The aftertaste is rich and powerful. When tasting this specialty beer, you discover aromas of banana and chocolate. The secondary fermentation works wonderfully and will balance the higher alcohols perfectly.

Beer Style Brown/Black
Beer Type Strong Ale
ABV 12%
Vol 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us
Main Aromas Banana, Chocolate, Malt, Coffee.