Pack Bastogne Airborne Beer Pack + Helmet 33cl / 13,19 fl oz us

2.1 kg

In This Pack, We Have : 

1 Bastogne Airborne Brown 6.5% 33cl /13,19 fl oz us

1 Bastogne Airborne Blond 9% 33cl /13,19 fl oz us

1 Helmet Airborne 

History : 

The nostalgic story of Airborne Beer ...
In the winter of 1944, the Germans made a major breakthrough into southern Belgium in an attempt to retake the town of Bastogne, Belgium. As the battle raged, the Germans captured the American field hospital, forcing the American doctors to move into the church. That's when a local legend was born.

A young GI was visiting his wounded buddy in the church/make-shift hospital when he asked if he could bring him something. "Yeah. Go get me something to drink."

After some coaxing, the GI went outside and found a tavern with a working beer tap. He had no way to carry it, so he filled his helmet with beer and started walking back and forth to the hospital.

65 years later, Vince Speranza returns to Bastogne.

At the restaurant, the waiter brings Vince and his group some Airborne beer. On the bottle's packaging, he sees a drawing of a GI wearing beer in his helmet. Quite surprised, he is told the story.

In honor of this historical fact, the beer is also served in a "helmet".