St Feuillien Tripel Magnum 8.5% 150cl / 52,79 fl oz us

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A Bit Of History : 

 It is a top fermentation beer, refermented in the bottle. It has a pale amber color that reveals an especially malty character. It is topped by a white, fine and very compact foam in its St Feuillien beer glass. To the nose, it is a richly flavored beer and offers a unique combination of aromatic hops, spices and typical fruity fermentation scents. The refermentation in the bottle gives it a unique smell due to the yeast. Its taste is strong and its exceptional staying power is due as much to its density as to its long aging. Aperitif and refreshing in the summer, tasty in the winter, it is the perfect beer for tasting.

Beer Style Blond
Beer Type Tripel
ABV 8.5%
Vol 150cl / 52,79 fl oz us
Main Aromas Malt, Spices.