Tilquin Oude Riesling 7.7% 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us

1.9 kg

A Bit Of History : 

Foggy gold in color, Oude Riesling Tilquin à L'Ancienne pours with a racy champagne turbulence that calms quickly to a milky white wine look. The nearly sparkling wine level of effervescence releases a loosely knit froth much like that of their original Lambic. The beer releases pungent aromas of candied grape, dried woods, floral, funk and fauna. Nearly void of lacing, the beer's acids plays a big part on the beer's appearance as well as its tangy and flowery scent.

Intense tartness strikes the tongue with the zesty fruits of branch weathered citrus, green berries, crabapples, white grapefruit, and dried limes ahead of the a rustic and faint grain structure. Acidic and moderately musty with a deep yeast spices of peppercorn, light acetone and a peppery woodsy quality, the beer dives into a retro-olfactory sensation of saddle leather, sweaty, goaty and weathered oak sensations as its aromatic properties play a role on the palate late.

Light in body, the beer's thin veil of pilsner malt and wheat support the strong and fully fermented white grape taste. Those citrus dried fruit peel flavors play off of the rich leather and more dry wood notes, along with a hay-like hop bitterness. The vinous fruit flavors reach through a brisk aftertaste of sod, oak, and general attic-like conditions. All of these earthen attributes weave in an 'oude' tastes of white wine rot, briny sea water, swiss rind and off-vinegar notes. Its strong Riesling grape influence really steps up the character in the base Lambic but without overtaking its most prized assets in flavors, textures or aromas.

Beer Style Amber
Beer Type Sour & Lambic
ABV 7.7%
Vol 75cl / 26,39 fl oz us
Main Aromas Sweet Grapes, Light Wood.