Westvleteren Blond Trappist 5.8% 33cl / 11,16 fl oz us

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A Bit Of History

Served chilled, the beer takes on a blond color, slightly cloudy with a generous head and a convincing pearling. Westvleteren Blond starts with a fresh and fruity aroma of pleasant citrus and lime peel. The well-balanced taste of sweet malt flavor and firm bitterness is achieved by adding a good dose of hops during the brewing process. The delicious citrus flavor gives the beer a fine and refreshing touch resulting in an excellent dry finish.

Beer Style Blond
Beer Type Pale Ale / Trappist Beer
ABV 5.8%
Vol 33cl / 11,16 fl oz us
Main Aromas Malt, Agrums, Lemon.